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Sulphur, so good…

saint lucia

Near Soufrière, on the west coast of Saint Lucia, a dormant volcano with sulphur clay springs is a popular tourist attraction. It’s the most active geothermal area in this part of the Caribbean and visitors bathe in the warm sulphuric pools then apply the natural clay all over their bodies for a beauty treatment with a difference.

In truth, you’ll probably smell the springs before you see them: plumes of sulphuric steam rise from the ground with the unmistakeable smell of rotting eggs! That aside, though, anecdotal evidence suggests that the sulphur-rich waters and clay help provide relief from sunburn, arthritis, painful joints and eczema and the clay is regularly used in beauty treatments on the island for glowing, smooth, revitalised skin. At Hotel Boucan, our award-winning hotel and spa near Soufriere, the clay is used in one of the most popular beauty treatments, the Cacao Detox Body Wrap. Skin is gently exfoliated using finely ground estate-grown cacao beans in a virgin coconut oil base. Next, a clay, cacao and fresh banana paste is applied all over your body. Finally, you’re wrapped in softened banana leaves and the cocktail of ingredients gets to work. After a thorough rinse you’re massaged with silky whipped cacao mousse.

Whilst we can’t promise banana leaves, we can suggest you try our mineral-rich Cacao & Kaolin Clay Thermal Body Mask, one of two beauty products in our range that have been inspired by this treatment (the other is the rather wonderful Liquid Chocolate Body Wrap). Kaolin clay is a skin-nourishing wonder - trace minerals, including kaolinite, help reduce fine lines with each use. Toxins are drawn out of the skin and elasticity is improved. Regular application gently exfoliates the skin and unblocks pores. Excess oil is absorbed. Skin cells are nourished and able to regenerate. The heat in our mask helps improve blood circulation and the supply of oxygen. Kaolin clay is a multitasking hero and we love it.

Apply the mask to damp skin and relax as the magical deep heat envelops you. Macadamia seed oil softens and nourishes and cacao seed butter adds much-needed vitamin E and fatty acids for healthy, supple skin.

Cacao & Kaolin Clay Thermal Body Mask

“This self-heating smoother is a treat” – Cosmopolitan

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