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Taking off the old: the art of exfoliation

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At the Rabot Hotel in Saint Lucia, fresh ingredients from the cacao estate were the inspiration behind our signature range of spa treatments. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the Cacao Body Exfoliate & Moisturise ritual, finely ground cacao beans in a virgin coconut oil base will be massaged in to effectively but gently remove dead skin cells. At home, you can try our range of body, lip and hand scrubs which all use natural exfoliators to gently buff away the old, leaving fresh, revitalised skin.

By choosing naturally coarse ingredients, we avoid microbeads which we know have such longlasting harmful effects on the environment. You’ll find sugar, salt, coffee, cacao bean, coconut and sweet almond shell powder in our scrubs, all of which polish gently for soft, glowing skin.

natural rabot exfoliation three shell scrub

By including a weekly exfoliation as part of your skincare routine you’ll also see better results out of what you apply next – skin is able to absorb the nutrients in any oils and creams more effectively if you’ve sloughed away the top layer. But it’s not just skin deep – the act of massaging in an exfoliator itself is beneficial, galvanising the body’s lymphatic drainage system which helps to remove toxins and boost blood circulation.

And don’t dismiss the wellbeing boost of enjoying the scent of a body product. From the sharp zest of our Salt & Lemongrass Body Scrub to the citrussy punch of Avocado & Sour Orange Hand Scrub, inhale as you exfoliate and kickstart the day beautifully.


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