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The power of scent

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Before we can speak, walk, fully hear or see, we can smell. It’s the first of our senses to be developed and the one that, throughout our lives, has the ability to transport us back to a moment or a feeling. Even subconsciously, smell can affect our mood and behaviour.


The sense of smell is the only sense that connects to the limbic system, a set of structures in our brain that deals with memories and emotions.  This is why smell can immediately transport you to a particular time, place or event.

With such a strong link between scent, memory and emotions, it’s perhaps obvious that scent has the ability to so affect our mood. A scent associated with a positive experience in the past will mean the same scent will be perceived as positive when we smell it again. We continually build these scent memories and they have the power to take us right back to a moment long ago.

Aromatherapy, and the art of using natural scents to relax and stimulate, has been practised since the ancient Egyptians, where plant extracts and aromatics (herbs, plant oils, flowers) were an important part of daily life. Aromachology is the study of the effects of smells on our behaviour. Whilst it’s a relatively new area of research, it’s fast developing as we continue to see the links between productivity, creativity, behaviour and mood when linked to smell.

At Rabot, we understand the importance of scent. It can relax us, refresh us and revitalise us; it can invigorate us, inspire us and instil a sense of peace and calm in us. Our range of cacao-rich products has been lovingly created using our favourite scents from the tropical island of Saint Lucia and, as we grow, we’ll be adding more incredible fragrance combinations to the collection.

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