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Basics don't have to be boring.
Elevate your daily essentials with our build your own bundle offer.

Grab 3 x Rabot essentials for £25

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Rabot Beauty - Aloe Vera Shower Gel - 300ml

Aloe Vera Shower Gel

Antioxidant-rich body cleanser

Rabot Beauty - Cacao & Aloe Vera Hand Wash - 300ml

Cacao & Aloe Vera Hand Wash

Powerful yet soothing cleanser

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Rabot Beauty -

Rabot Beauty - Cacao & Coconut Hand & Body Soap - 90g

Cacao & Coconut Hand & Body Soap

Limited edition nourishing vegan soap bar

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Rabot Beauty - Cacao & Wild Honey Hand Cream - 30ml

Cacao & Wild Honey Hand Cream

Swiftly absorbed, intensively nourish

Rabot Beauty - Coconut Chocolat Lip Balm - 10ml

Coconut Chocolat Lip Balm

A fatty acid-rich lip care revelation

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Welcome to Rabot, Hotel Chocolat’s beauty-mad sister brand, where we’re as passionate about putting the good stuff on your skin as we are about eating it.

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