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Your favourites

We knew we had fabulous customers and the August Insider campaign proved it. We LOVED getting your reviews, pictures and videos at Rabot HQ - thank you! If you haven’t signed up to our fortnightly email you can subscribe at the bottom of the page - and do get involved next time we have an Insiders giveaway.

Rabot Beauty Rachael Davis

Rachael Davis

I’d love to share how glad I am to have discovered these products! Such an affordable treat! I swear by the Cacao & Almond Bath and Body Oil smoothed head to toe before entering the shower, letting the rich scent be released in the steam. I then lock in moisture with the Cacao & Babussu Body Lotion and finish my perfect bedtime routine with a touch of lip balm for a goodnight kiss of cocoa!

Rabot Beauty Patricia Earlington

Patricia Earlington

I'm loving using my Sugar & Sour Orange Body Scrub as it leaves my legs amazingly soft with a silky film. I particularly love using the products as St Lucia is my sanctuary and my family home. The Rabot estate like all of St Lucia is delightful, a piece of art.

Rabot Beauty Tom Vinall

Tom Vinall

This hand cream is AMAZING! Great size and shape for putting into a pocket whilst out. Works an absolute treat on hands that do a lot of manual labour. The smell is incredible too!"

Rabot Beauty Atiya Abid Bashir

Atiya Abid Bashir

Rabot products are to die indulgent and luxurious to use. Pure heaven! The scents are unique and so longlasting. Totally in love with them.

Rabot Beauty Nathan Metcalf

Nathan Metcalf

Amazing quality products. The bath oil is so calming and the reusable coffee cup is an ingenious idea.

Rabot Beauty Suzanne Dickenson

Suzanne Dickenson

Koray is summer in a bottle!

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Welcome to Rabot, Hotel Chocolat’s beauty-mad sister brand, where we’re as passionate about putting the good stuff on your skin as we are about eating it.

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