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Rabot Beauty Story

The History.

For the past 14 years, Hotel Chocolat has been quietly revolutionising British chocolate. By growing our own beans, we disrupted the traditional cacao farming model. By bringing ethically produced, high-quality chocolate to a mass market, we challenged the status quo.

We are now at the forefront of sustainable cacao farming and developed our award-winning Hotel Chocolat range with this philosophy in mind. Rabot is our beauty range, inspired by our love for Saint Lucia, the people and the plants that flourish there.

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Rabot 1745 Beauty is an exciting new chapter in the Hotel Chocolat story. With a rich history of trade between Saint Lucia and Britain going back over 250 years, our new beauty range continues that relationship - and builds on our love affair with the cacao bean. Hotel Chocolat co-founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris challenged modern apothecary Andrew Gerrie to explore the Rabot Estate and to imagine the collision of these two worlds. Deep within our dappled groves, Andrew was inspired by what grew there to create a range of luxury beauty products. Rabot 1745 is the result and is the essence of what our estate would look like, bottled.

The Rabot Estate.

Welcome to paradise. The iconic Piton peaks stand majestically before you and it’s here, near the original French capital of Soufrière, that we have lovingly nurtured the 140-acre Rabot Estate.

Divided up into 16 distinct areas, the estate’s rich and fertile volcanic soil, together with its high altitude (we’re 1000ft above sea level) and rainforest water, create the perfect conditions for our precious cacao trees to flourish.

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But it wasn’t always like this. Having discovered the “beautiful but distressed” estate - owned by the same family for over 80 years - in 2006, Angus and Peter were determined to bring it back to life. Hotel Chocolat was born.

Rabot Beauty Story
Rabot Beauty Story

Cacao Production.

Saint Lucia has suffered a steep decline in cacao production in recent years as banana cultivation and tourism offer more certain returns.

We wanted to challenge this and, by growing our own cacao, we bucked the trend in the chocolate industry whilst also creating a link between our customers and the humble cacao bean.

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We’re one of the very few producers in the world able to do this. With the launch of our beauty range, we want to strengthen those connections and continue to nurture and develop this incredible place for generations to come.

Welcome to Rabot, Hotel Chocolat’s beauty-mad sister brand, where we’re as passionate about putting the good stuff on your skin as we are about eating it.

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